Dec 24 2011

Virgin Mary Fashion Statement

For 700 years Catholic faithful expressed their devotion to the Virgin Mary by creating an elaborate wardrobe for the mother and child, on display in a new exhibit in the French city of Lyon.

Playfully entitled “Fashion Icon”, the show explores how from the 12th to the 19th centuries, clothes were cut to adorn the Virgin, sometimes becoming objects of worship in their own right.

“When you clothe a statue you give it a powerful presence — and since the fabrics used were extremely precious, you also introduce a distance,” explained Maximilien Durand, director of the Lyon fabric museum and curator of the show, which runs until March 25.

“Clothes were cut for all kinds of statues — from great icons in sanctuaries and the mannequins used in religious processions, down to the tiny statues of Mary worshipped in convents and household chapels.”

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Nov 7 2011

Amy Winehouse Dress Auctioned for Charity

In death she is still contributing! The dress worn by late British soul singer Amy Winehouse on the cover of her Grammy-award winning album “Back to Black” is being put up for sale for charity, a London auctioneer said Tuesday.

The printed chiffon dress, designed by young Thailand-based designer Disaya, is expected to raise between £10,000 and £20,000 (11,650 and 23,300 euros, $16,000 and $32,000) at the sale at Kerry Taylor Auctions on November 29.

The money will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity to help vulnerable young people that was set up by her family following the 27-year-old singer’s untimely death by alcohol poisoning on July 23.

“What makes this particular dress so special is that it is an emblematic reminder of the magic voice and sublime talent of Amy Winehouse — a sound that resonates with an entire generation, and always will,” said Taylor.

“Back to Black”, Winehouse’s second album released in 2006, became Britain’s highest-selling album of the 21st century after her death.

Sep 3 2011

Taking My Home Fashion Show to the Next Level

My name is Brittney and if you live in Laredo, TX you might have come to one of my annual home fashion parties! Every year since 1996 I host a Spring fashion show at my home and we party all night and also dress up in some of the hottest fashions from Paris. It all started when my friend Anne decided to go study fashion design in Paris back in 1990. She loved it there and stayed becoming a fashion design teacher at one of Paris’s most prestigious schools. Every year she send me clothes that her students designed for various projects throughout the year and I sell them off at my annual party and we donate all the funds to Green Peace! The first few years we only had about 20-30 women attending but we are expecting over 80 people this year and hope to beat last years donations which were $12,000!

I have even taken things to the next level for this years party by getting a local DJ to donate his time to spin the music, having vinyl banners made and we are going to have a celebrity guest attend this year! Can’t tell you who but I promise it is worth showing up for, he is gorgeous!!

May 12 2011

Crazy Fashion Statement

Who would use this crazy image?  Ummm, maybe I would?


Mar 1 2011

Wearing Sweats = Little Black Dress?

Do you all remember the Sienfeld episode where Jerry tells George that wearing sweat pants out in public is like telling the world you just don’t care?  Well it seems wearing sweats might be considered cool again!  That is if Jessica Simpson has anything to say about it!

She recently tweeted after a workout on Thursday night: “Eric and I could get married right now in sweats!”

Word has it that Jessica has been hitting the gym hard so she can look picture-perfect on her wedding day. But why the big fuss over a healthy regime?

“Yes, I am working out, but why is that worth any sorta [sic] press?” she said. “I always take care of myself.”

Amen to that. A girl’s allowed to look good for her guy! There’s no official date for the non-sweats wedding, but Jessica has said she’d like to be married by this Christmas. Winter wonderland wedding in the works?